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Cut each of the slices of bread into the ornament shapes, using the cookie cutters.  Save the rest of the slice of bread for later use, such as bread crumbs.  Next, brush a layer of egg white onto the bread cutouts, using a pastry brush.  Press a thick layer of birdseed onto each coated cutout, and then bake the ornament at 350 degrees for 10 minutes on a non-stick baking sheet.  Allow to cool completely.

Note:  These are not for human consumption.

To make hangers, cut floral wire into approximately 7” pieces.  Insert the end of the wire through the top of each ornament, at least ½” from the edge.  Form a loop with each wire and twist the ends together to secure.  Tie the ribbons into simple bows and hot-glue them in place over the twisted wire.

Birdseed Ornaments – 6 Ornaments
6 slices bread
3 egg whites
2 cups mixed birdseed
Assorted Ribbons
Fine gauge Floral Wire
Hot glue & glue sticks
Cookie Cutters, stocking, wreath or star shaped

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